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Salford Quays Escorts

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23 Yrs , 32D-24-34 , 5' 6"


26 Yrs , 32C 25 32 , 5'- 6"


20 Yrs , 34C 24 34 , 5'5"

Diana Salgado

22 Yrs , 32C 26 32 , 5' 6"


18 Yrs , 32B 23 32 , 5'5"


25 Yrs , 32D 26 32 , 5' - 6"


25 Yrs , 32FF , 5' 6"


24 Yrs , 32C 25 32 , 5' - 7"


19 Yrs , 32B 23 32 , 5'5"


26 Yrs , 32D 25 33 , 5' 6"


30 Yrs , 34C 26 34 , 5' 10"


26 Yrs , 32D-24-34 , 5' 7"

Salford Quays escorts finding a new lease of life

This is an area that over the past few decades has undergone an amazing transformation. Salford was a textiles town that suffered horrific decline after the deindustrialisation, but through the redevelopment of the Quays area it is like Phoenix rising from the ashes. This was the inland port and terminus of the Manchester Ship Canal and fell into decline, redevelopment started slowly near the end of the twentieth century, but now things seem to be complete with Media city being the jewel in the crown. The area now has gleaming apartments towers and luxury hotels making this a highly desirable place to live and work, attracting very high quality Salford Quays escorts to help satisfy the demand for high quality female companionship. The area is now a cultural centre for the arts and that started with the Lowry Theatre and gallery commemorating L.S. Lowry a famous son of Salford, now that has been joined by the film and recording studios of Media city with all the supporting production and media companies. The area has taken on a whole new lease of life and is buzzing with the flourishing hospitality industry supporting the new commercial infrastructure. There are many bars and diners with a beautiful waterside setting with a great vibrancy about the place. As you would expect the socially active escorts in Salford Quays are at the centre of the action and in many cases they are the action that others gravitate around.

Salford Quays escorts make you feel welcome and wanted

This is a place full of activity with many living and working in the immediate vicinity, but the area also attracts a lot that are working away from home on long or short contracts as well as businessmen, executives and consultants visiting for a few days at a time. Due to the interactive nature of this area and the amount of affluent single away from home the Salford Quays escorts are highly sought after with no one who does not want to be lonely being so. These female companions like to make strangers feel like it is home from home, this is a friendly area in general, but these ladies are some of the warmest and friendliest you will ever meet as they are always welcoming

Going out with escorts in Salford Quays

These companions love going out on social dates as there are plenty of choice just in the immediate area, although Manchester is next door, there are plenty of fantastic places to relax and wind down here, you maybe even bump into a celebrity or two from the film studios. The Salford Quays escorts often visit the hotels in the area, helping busy executives wind down in the evening ensuring that they are revitalised and rejuvenated at the end of a sensual session of pampering. At the weekend many of the rooms are occupied by sports fans as Old Trafford is within walking distance; the hotels are rarely empty, keeping these amazing ladies happy.