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Hale Escorts

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24 Yrs , 32C 25 32 , 5' - 7"


18 Yrs , 32B 23 32 , 5'5"


24 Yrs , 34B 23 34 , 5'8"


21 Yrs , 34B 23 34 , 5'3"


22 Yrs , 34B 23 34 , 5'8"


19 Yrs , 32B 23 32 , 5'4"


21 Yrs , 34C 24 34 , 5'5"


28 Yrs , 34B 23 34 , 5'6"

Diana Salgado

22 Yrs , 32C 26 32 , 5' 6"


23 Yrs , 32B 24 32 , 5' 6"


25 Yrs , 32FF , 5' 6"


30 Yrs , 34C 26 34 , 5' 10"

Hale escorts have the refinement the area dictates

This is an exclusive village just outside of Altrincham, although it tends to get less publicity than places such as Alderley Edge it is every bit as prestigious and like Alderley Edge it became a place that wealthy merchants and  businessmen tended to live as soon as the railway came to town. This wealthy village is on the Knutsford Chester line from Manchester and is still a popular commuter residence, though there are many celebrities and footballers as well as former players living in the village. Don’t be surprised if you bump into a famous face in the post office or coffee house. Accordingly the escorts in Hale are of the highest possible calibre maintaining the image of whomever, they are seen out with. These ladies are a class apart and need to be, just to compete with some of the women celebrities who live in the place. Most of the assignments are to hook up with high flying single gents for dinner date or nights out in the village. There is no shortage of bars and restaurants to go to, they are all of the highest quality and the escorts in Hale all fit in nicely to the salubrious environment.

Hale escorts look special at all times

The escorts in Hale are the best dressed ladies in the area as image is so important for them and many of their esteemed clients. No expense or effort is spared where it comes to looking their best with the garments they choose complimenting their fabulous feminine form showing off every curve and contour of their sensational physiques. These ladies are immaculately groomed and perfectly coiffed as well as being perfectly manicured. Looking their best is not a superficial exercise as they spend many hours in the spa and gym ensuring their skin, complexion and body are in peak condition. Looks are not everything and these elite escorts in Hale all need to add a sparkling, dazzling personality to their pulchritudinous feminine form. All our escorts are discreet and have decorum, but this is even more essential in an area such as this one.

The escorts in Hale are suitable for every occasion

There are many high profile clients in an area such as Altrincham and Hale with many of the single professionals in the need of refined and sophisticated companions to accompany them to dinner parties and special functions such as wedding as it is highly desirable for them to have a plus one to keep up appearances and to even out the numbers at such events. Many of these gents have friends and business associates who have partners or are never without a gorgeous female companion so they turn to Priority Hale escort service to provide a suitable elite lady to make up the numbers. They need someone who will outshine the rest and fit in at even the most salubrious of venues, never letting them down. Discretion is always one of the highest priorities, so is etiquette and decorum.