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This place enjoys a convenient rural location of the main aerial road connecting the centre of Manchester with Liverpool and predates the M62 connecting Greater Manchester with Merseyside and is equidistance between Manchester and Wigan. This was a rural spot dependent on agriculture prior to the industrial revolution when its location on the Lancashire coalfield turned it into a mining village with a certain amount of urbanisation as an inevitable consequence. The Bridgewater canal also carves a route past Astley and now provides a great leisure facility as it is no longer a working waterway. The towpath is a popular route for walking and jogging with the escorts in Astley making up some of the contingent who like to keep fit in this picturesque setting. The village is also an unlikely hot bed of pleasure as these rural communities do through up a few surprises when it comes to sticking to perceived moral standards. Any single gents who are up for fun do not need to look too far as the escorts in Astley are always up for some playful saucy fun, after all we all need some distraction from the stresses and anxieties of modern day life and the gents in Astley are no different. The village and area in general is very much a residential area for commuters as it is conveniently located on the road network and is an ideal location for a bit of peace and tranquillity.

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The Astley escorts are the type of ladies that most guys will fantasise about without doing anything about it, this would be a great opportunity going to waste as these modelesque ladies have an abundance of escorting skills that they are dying to demonstrate, sending chaps into a blissful haze. These exquisite ladies have sensuous relaxation off to a fine art and are passionate about what they do. These wonderful escorts in Astley have magic hands and massage skills. There is no need for locals to seek out adult companionship from anywhere else as these ladies know how to provide a heavenly experience for anyone who needs it. Some gents actually come into the locality to seek out these skilled and talent ladies who provide a subliminal Astley escort service for all who need it.

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