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Things To Say And Avoid Saying When Chatting To An Escort

Posted by: Admin | Date: March 1, 2019

This is very much common sense territory. Believe it or not you should be trying to create a good impression, as an analogy think of meeting her as being a first date with a new girlfriend and you won’t go far wrong. In the case of seeing your escort for the first time. The nicer you are to her and the better you treat her then the more responsive she is going to be with you. The better rapport you have with the lady the better the experience will be. If she likes you the chances are that she will give you a good time so you will arrange a further booking on another occasion. Say the wrong things and you are likely to rub her up the wrong way. Do not be abusive or ask personal questions.  Pay her compliments. Say how nice she looks, how pretty she is and you like what she is wearing. Talking positive is always going to improve the relationship between you and it works both ways.

Say the right things when booking an escort

Your first contact with an independent escort will be by phone or email. Do not pry or ask personal information, keep it on a professional level. Respectfully discuss services, especially if they are not shown on the site you have seen her on.  Politely ask her what services she provides and don’t push her to do anything she is not comfortable with. If you already know what is on her enjoys list then do not ask her to provide things that are not on.  Escorts do not usually negotiate rates so don’t ask for a discount; for whatever reason. Although when booking through an agency you do not have that direct interface with the girl. However, if it is a self respecting agency you need to create a good impression by saying the right things. A good escort agency looks after their girls and won’t send a client they judge to be foul mouthed or abusive.  

How to talk to your escort when you first meet

The same rules apply as when your are arranging the date. Except for the fact that when making arrangements conversation is usually kept to the minimum. Be polite on first meeting give compliments where deserved, After all she is probably your type and you fancy her or you would not have chosen that particular escort in the first place. If invited to take a shower, don’t say no or argue the point. It shows she has hygiene as a priority and hopefully follows the same rules and showers between clients. She may even help to rub you down. Indulge in polite small talk, but nothing personal. Don’t try and delve into her private life or ask her real name, where she lives or goes out socially. It is not a speed date or even first date. Your escort is there to provide no strings attached fun. 

Above all do not say anything disrespectful

Do not look down on your escort and question why she is working in the industry. After all you are using her services and do not expect her to ask about your family or personal life and she does not ask you why you need her services and companionship. Respect the situation as it is and keep the conversation friendly and non obtrusive. It is meant to be a pleasant and pleasurable experience for you and hopefully the lady will appear to enjoy your company and light hearted banter.   

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