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The Need For Discretion By An Escort Agency

Posted by: Admin | Date: November 4, 2019

By the mature of the business escorting is run with discretion at its core, this is the protect the privacy of both the client and the escort. It is not only the escorts who seek some anonymity, by maybe using what could be describes as a working or stage name. Many escorts do not work in their home towns, some take the precaution of working outside of their home area. This is all to maintain their privacy in a job that is still stigmatised. Not all escorts show their faces on their website or the agency website. As discretion is a two way thing all escorts agencies in Manchester and elsewhere work with a little bit of secrecy, otherwise their business would not last very long. An escort whether she is working for an agency or as an independent will usually have a separate business phone ensuring that she does not answer the call in the wrong manner. By this we mean answering using her working name when it is friends or family, or indeed the other way round. Having a different phone saves her the confusion. Do not forget to be thorough and remember to tidy up your Sat Nav data and if you use Uber taxis we  believe your App retains addresses too.

The lengths clients will go to in the name of discretion

There are many punters who are married or have partners and their excuse for seeing an escort is they do not want an affair and having either a fling with an escort of making it a regular thing is helping preserve his permanent relationship. However, even if this is the case he still needs to be discreet and keep things secret between himself and any escort that he is seeing. One of the most common things a guy will do is have a separate phone , or at least another SIM card to use when calling an agency or independent lady. Setting up a separate email account if that is your mode of communication with an escort. Clearing down your internet history and cache so anyone using to smart phone or laptop is none the wiser. Other precautions is to use cash for payment, gifts and even petrol going to dates or buying dinner whist entertaining. If you have  regular thing with an escort, having her ring at certain times is also precautionary. Above all do not even confide in your mates, as things have a habit of getting out. 

Discretion goes further than just keeping it secret from your family

You have to think of your escort’s privacy and discretion so  be careful when you contact her and do not ring too often. Do not visit you escort unannounced and even when you are keeping an appointment it is wise not to go too early, after all she may be finishing off with someone else, who after all also deserves discretion. If you are visiting a few different escorts, either independents or through the same or different agencies, you should not talk about the other escorts. What goes on in the bedroom should stay there. The escort scene thrives because it is a discreet business.

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