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Historical Attractions In Manchester

Posted by: Admin | Date: September 4, 2019

The heritage of Manchester

Although mainly noted for being at the heart of the industrial revolution in the reign of Queen Victoria it has a history the dates back to roman times and remains of the fort are still visible. Manchester has a Cathedral that was built in 1215, but there is evidence of a Saxon church dating back to around 700 AD. However, the world started taking notice of Manchester and the region as a whole in the nineteenth century as the centre of the industrial revolution and cotton based textiles. There is still much evidence of this part of the city’s history. Many of the hotels and clubs that are now in existence are located in old textile mills and warehouses. Of course you can’t fail to notice the extensive network of canals, such as the Bridgewater and Rochdale canals that were used to transport commodities such as coal or cotton as well as the finish products. A whole range of items were transported by barge.

Castlefields basin heritage park

There is nowhere in the city where the evidence of the canal network is more evident than the Castlefield canal basin where the waterways has been restored to their former glory. Many of the buildings in this area are now business premises or bars, cafes and restaurant, but many of them are housed in what were once warehouses used to store goods to be either transferred to another barge of distributed elsewhere. This is the perfect environment to relax and stroll around either on your own or maybe share the experience with a Manchester escort.

The Science and History Museum

This is an enthralling experience showing the advancement of engineering, starting off with the steam engine that powered everything from looms and spinning machine in the textile factories to steam trains. Although the Rocket, the first ever steam train was built in the North East of England by George Stephenson it was used on the Manchester to Liverpool line and was the first passenger intercity service, The Rocket has recently made a return visit and has been displayed in the museum. The Manchester terminus of the line is the site where the museum stands now. .    

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