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Book a party escort for a surprise or event

Posted by: Admin | Date: February 11, 2019

It is getting much more common now to hire an escort for a special occasion, a party or simply just as a surprise treat for a friend or partner. It is now the done thing for a group of mates to arrange an escort for a friend’s Birthday treat.  Hiring a striptease act or private dancer is possibly still slightly more popular as that is a group entertainment event. Hiring an escort for a friend is a much more personal gesture and appreciated much more. Bringing in a few extra pretty women in for an event party or function is bound to spice things up. One thing about hiring an experienced party escort is that she is confident and flirtatious, knowing how to make the male guests feel good. It is best if inviting professional companions to events not to make and female guest feel threatened. In other words make it even male female guests. There are other ways to treat a friend or reward a workforce, perhaps at Christmas. Some escort agencies or gentlemen’s clubs hold their own events and parties inviting just a few select male guests     

Booking an escort as a surprise for a partner

Couples are much more liberated in the twenty first century as there is a new dawn of liberalness. After all swingers parties are a lot more accepted now and so is booking an escort to treat your partner. That is where bisexual escorts come into their own as the male is probably always hoping for a threesome and that is often the intention. I once knew a couple who went to a swingers club and as a surprise for a single male friend, they hired a willing escort as a surprise so they could go as a foursome.

 Making up the numbers by hiring an escort

It is not much fun holding a dinner party or having a small intimate event if there is not an even number. Escort companions are brilliant to even up the numbers and putting a smile on the faces of the single guys who thought there were going to be at a loose end. These guests do not always know the lady has been hired for the event. A good professional is totally discreet and the secret is safe with her. predominantly male corporate events are much better occasions if the company surprises their hard working executives with a few smiling chatty young ladies who bring a flirtatiousness to the proceedings and lighten up the mood.

coming of age Birthday treats

This is a tradition that has been practiced in some countries where a young man has a birthday reaching adulthood. A surprise guest is an escort to be his partner at his coming of age celebrations. This is something that has taken off in America and is starting to catch on in the United Kingdom. Other similar events such as bachelor parties if there is a particularly mischievous best man, may hire a special treat for his friend who is just about to be tied down to one woman. The hiring of female companions for this type of party or event is becoming more and more in vogue.

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